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Thanks Harry- 
after my first Match,I went back to the hotel in shock! I Couldn’t believe how poorly I’d done. Talk about a range of emotions !!
I had never seen or shot in such  conditions like these ,I mean we get winds here in Florida on a daily basis but the winds are mainly unidirectional, so its just watch your flags and adjust for the degree of it. But wind changing direction in a nano second ! Nothing in my state comes close – maybe tropical storm conditions? —
But reading these winds requires a completely different skill set- but if you look at the top score’s, you see it can be done. And the average scores being Between 700 and 730– you Just need really good wind flags and constant practice in such conditions –  I remember looking at some score results on different forums -and thinking -what’s wrong with these guys?cant shoot for Schitt ? But now I get it! There are places out there were a 730 can be a winning score! From great shooters! Ah the Internet —– 
Doug and Vipha Miller are 2 of the nicest people I’ve ever met – Paul Bendix – Allen Suratt and Mark Bucanun – all the guys/gal from Arizona !
Dick Strever, Ron Silveira Rodger Lovett Matt Kellerman, Kim Zussman, Linda Koch -everybody who competed in this event is truly a Marksman! All deserving a medal !  I do believe if not for these crazy winds , the winner would have been decided by X count – and possibly a sudden death shoot off? These guys and Gal are that good!!
I truly enjoyed meeting EVERBODY that I type to on these forums –
from LD to Tim Macmurry – Joe Brananco and his sons — James Brinkly 
the list could go on and and on–
to see so many top shooters in one venue, all sharing a love for all things air gun! 
And the gentleman who made this all happen, Mr Joe Freidrich, I mean he is one hell of a guy! Everything from food and drink to the officials using scoring boxes and professional grade magnifiers –
all scores were double and triple checked! Rifles that posted winning scores were then taken in and weighed for limit and shoot over a chronograph –
It was unfortunate that two gentleman were disqualified from a win due to these violations —
it’s a hell of a thing to witness – very sad —
hell before the start of light varmint – I took my rifle in for weighing and a chrony. It  was shooting way above the FPE- (12 FPE ) and was 10.6 lbs -supposed to be 10.5lbs –
I had to adjust it down in FPS and strip it of many add on items like bubble level and even the rear butt plate -scope caps turent caps etc—-
I’m also told that the heat of the day, going from very cold to very Hot conditions  can make an incredible DIFFERANCE in Chrony readings – so you really want to stay away from the edge,so to speak–but in the end this is how you run a first rate event– lots of volunteers and grounds Staff- everything first Rate !-
but I would also say, what a DIFFERANCE time of day makes – the top score of 250 was posted early in the AM and that same gentleman posted a 236 on his last card! -the conditions got progressively worse as the day wore on. Actually couldn’t wait for the day to end, the analogy of a prize fight is a good one Harry , cause when I was finished – felt like somebody had beat the hell out of me! Even Vipha Miller said the day was completely exhausting due to the level of concentration needed —-
the only thing left to say is one word – HUMBLING !