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For those who don’t read the General page or may have missed these, I posted the results of each day as far as 30 to 35 of the 40+ places or one page.
Here they are again for this part of the Forum.

For those who may wonder why someone from OZ on the other side of the globe should hold such interest: I know some of the shooters personally, Doug, Vipha, Matt and Abdul and Paul with whom I shot against at last year’s World Championships, and have formed relationships with others.

BR is a global sport with much to be celebrated in common. I can truly empathise with those who found the conditions to be difficult. Brisbane last year was a similar challenge with only Three 250/250 shot from memory from 90 shooters from 15 countries. 
So I would like to just say – well done for being there and for doing your best. It is a bit like prize fighting in that all is laid bare and it is impossible to not see your own results in relation to those who may have done better on the day.  We should celebrate for one and all; and where possible take away what we can to perhaps improve our own skills and understandings.
So, well done to Kim and Frank, Allen and Dick and any here who shot and I may have missed. … Best regards, Harry.