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Back from the 2016 USARB Benchrest Nationals in Oxnard CA.  Easy to say it was the hardest wind condition in the last three years.  With that said it was a pleasure meeting all the competitors and one special one (CK, Cold King, Frank Mendola).  We meet on the day of practice Thursday, coming back from posting some targets and I said how is it going Mr. Frank and he said not to bad but this wind is interesting.  I dont think he had at that time put the face with the name yet but it came to him later and he asked if I was Allen Sssuuurr.  I said yes it is Allen Surratt  (SRGTO04).  That was it the ICE was broken and from that time on it was a pleasure talking with Frank for the rest of the weekend.  He got to know me and all the rest of us from the (Phoenix Gang) Mark Buchanan, Linda Koch, Dennis Fekete, Dave Litt, Ray Perron, Scott Seyler, Kevin Hilgers, Garrett Kwakkestein, Michael Schlesinger, and honorary member Jeff Crisler.

On the first two days of compitition we were on the same relay and our benches were next to each other so we could talk and see how each of us was doing.  The gloves were off….  I offered to help him with his scope adjustments, a few turns here and a few turn there a firm hit to the side of his scope up front but he turned me down, oh well.  LOL  By the way Frank you still might want to check your scope mounts, righty tighty lefty loosey, I can never get that right.     Again it was a pleasure to meet you and talk with you all weekend and if you dont get that Blonde or Ferrari and still have some money you could always retire out West in Phoenix or Tucson.  You are always welcome to shoot with use at Rio anytime.