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There are a few threads about this on the yellow already

one can get a fairly decent polish with JB bore paste and a felt plug if pushed back and forth a few times with a cleaning rod or a plastic rod.

Hoppes No.9 bore cleaner and my 22 rimfire brush does a damn good job polishing the inside of the barrel, followed by 2 dry patches (tight fitting)  and a tight patch with a few drops of lucas gun oil, then do a few passes with that patch. then one last pass with a tight fitting patch. shiniest ive ever seen my barrel, been cleaning all my rifles including powder burners in this method for YEARS and never had a problem. lucas is a new addition to my cleaning procedure and its only there to keep the barrel from rusting on me in the off season or between my first shooting session and cleaning.

I’ve been told that ones crown and the exit affects a pellets accuracy more so then the bore surface itself. or so im told.

try the bore paste OR lapping compound and a felt plug. you can make the plugs yourself out of felt core and a leather hole punch if needed. or throw some in on your next pyramid air order for pellets/bullets, as long as its .22 or smaller