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Another option is to shoot nitrogen. Call your local red ball/and or welding supplier. Evwr see a welder’s rig? You can rent a very large 6000psi nitrogen tank from these guys and get a crap load of fills off of that one tank. They typically charge a yearly rental fee for the tank, and then another fee to fill it up each time. Ive heard of yearly rental rates ranging between 60 bucks all the way to a 150 bucks. Fill prices vary also depending on your local supply. May cost 60 to 80 to fill. I bet Im not saving anything on fills with my great white vs someone with a nitrogen tank. There is just the yearly rental fee. Nitrogen is very very dry and completely safe for pcp rifles. Also, call around to various scuba shops and see if they have any old scba tanks laying around. Its not uncommon to pick one up for dirt cheap that has 5 years or more left on it.