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“Adam”Bro, they brainwashed you pretty good if you believe the NSA doesn’t work for the people seeking political power and control of the population.

— Adam (a quote from one of your other posts)
“I remember sitting in school watching the twin towers magically collapse in place and somehow catch fire and collapse a building several blocks away that conviently housed the actual debt records of a bunch of wallstreet and hedgefund types and gov’t officials (check the wiki for 7 World Trade Center, particularly the last sentence of second paragraph).”


 Brainwashed? (picture a bald headed 64 year old veteran shaking his head wondering exactly how to respond to that)

Adam, the government is not the only source of disinformation in your world.  There are actually people whose mission in life is to convince you to believe the most absurd conspiracy theories.  Seems to me you might have read one or two of them.  Occam’s Razor comes immediately to mind.  I’ll leave that with you as a research project.

However; I’m not going to call you names or insult your intelligence.

You have a great day.