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“ajshoots”Mike is an old school guy. No website. I have owned a number of his barrels and the .25’s and .30’s are the best I have ever shot and that is head to head against LW, CZ, and ST barrels.

Keep in mind direct from TJ you get a raw Blank. I lap, polish, and machine my own now, so results may vary, but they have proven awesome for me!!

How the barrel is machined is just as important as the quality of the barrel itself. I’m sure you take more care machining your own than you get in a volume manufacturing environment. I guess the only way to tell would be to buy some LW or CZ blanks and machine them yourself to compare. 

I don’t have a lathe n stuff so I would be relying on someone else (who probably wouldn’t care as much about my accuracy as I would). 

I don’t think any barrel maker is the best. They can all be accurate if you get one without defects and prep it properly. The LW barrels machined by Hatsan are an example of this. They produced very mixed results (apparently). There were more than a few people wondering why the LW barrel they bought didn’t turn their AT44 into a Daystate.