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“Adam”Thing is they (NSA) are taking in so much data that they have to parse through the noise to get to the “threats” so they look for specific phrases and trigger words and whenever a trigger word hits they focus a light on it. 

In another life, I reported for work every morning to 9800 Savage Road. 

We seem to be conflating the motives of the people who work at NSA with the motives of the people who seek political power and control over the population.  I can tell you from personal experience the two are not the same.  That is part of a much larger conversation which probably should be left for another time.

NSA (as an entity) couldn’t give a rats arse about his video or the things he says in it.  The “phrases and words” they are looking for are not present in sufficient quantity to make his video rise to the level of a fart in the thunderstorm of information which they are parsing.  Think about it for a moment, if the content of his video were suspicious enough to make it rise to the level of actually having a human analyst look at it, wouldn’t they have nailed down that clown that set all the bombs in NJ and NY last week? After all his whole damn family had suspicious Facebook pages.

If you want to fear something, don’t let it be the rank and file intelligence professional who really does come to work every day wanting to protect and serve.  Let it be the politician who issues the orders.  When was the last time any of us had a visit from a government agent asking about the content of our online lives?  This is paranoia.

His video is great.  His comments are dead on and in no way are they reason to worry about what “Big Brother” is going to do down the line.  Hell, for that matter my worry is that the presence of these big bore air guns are going to be another reason that they say we don’t need powder burners… not the other way around.  Think about it for a moment, the anti-gunner who would take your powder burner is going to say at some point that you don’t need it because you can do all the hunting you want with an air gun.