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“ajshoots”Mike Sayers is the barrel maker for TJ barrel liners. He makes blanks only. Jim buys blanks from Mike then machines them to fit marauder rifles, pistols, and the Flex and warp.

You can have Mike make you a custom hammer forged mandrel for what ever twist and bore dimensions you want. I believe they cost around $400. Not sure if Jim has had his own mandrel made and used to make the blanks he uses or if he just uses sizes and twist Mike has available?

That sounds like a good deal. I keep wanting to read about TJ barrels but I could never find a website for them.

I have had an interest in finding air rifle barrel liners to make carbon fiber wrapped barrels for a while now but finding a source for the liners and someone to machine them to fit one of my air guns was sufficiently difficult and frustrating that I have given up more than once. 

I’d like to try one of their barrels to see how they stack up against the CZ and LW barrels in my guns, I just have zero interest in going back to a Marauder action.

If I ever could make the stars align and TJ barrels turned out to perform as well as my other barrels, I would be able to make one super light air rifle.