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I’ll bet you AJ’s  Mrods and BWalrons BT65’s will kill a chipmunk / bird / squirrel just as dead at 50 yards as an Impact that is twice the price.  And we know AJ and Bwalton have proven performance.  By the same logic why would anyone want an Impact at 2x cost?


I don’t think it is the same logic although a similar principle can be applied (I.e. Air rifle don’t get better just because you increase the cost). 

For example, the Evanix Max ML is priced at a similar level to the Cricket but they aren’t in the same league. Just like with scopes, you can pay more without getting more.  That doesn’t mean that you never get more when you pay more. It’s just that money doesn’t always tell the full story.

If you put enough time and money into any air rifle, you can make it accurate. On your question about why somebody would pay double for an FX Impact over a Hatsan BT65 when Bwalton can make the Hatsan accurate, there is more to than just accuracy.

I haven’t tried a Bwalton tuned Hatsan and I don’t know anyone who has one, so I have no comment one way or the other about how accurate he can make them. I can just see he is selling tuned BT65s for $900 on his site. Let’s assume he made them just as accurate as the Impact can be. To me, it’s still a Hatsan. They are heavy. The stocks are low quality (lots of flex), the action is rough, they are too long to be manageable for my needs. They don’t get even close to the same number of shots per fill as an Impact etc. 

I’m not saying that a Bwalton Bt65 is a bad choice (or anything like that), just that it’s still not an FX Impact (at least to me). It’s like when those boy racers mod their Hondas – they may go as fast as a BMW M3 but they still aren’t an M3. 

With the FX Impact, I can clearly explain what extra features it has and how they would benefit me. If you change that to a $3,500 FT rifle then I can’t think of a good reason why someone like me should invest in one. When I see some people buying $1,000 long range scopes to put on their 22 FX Royale for backyard plinking, the analogy is similar to me buying the $3500 FT rifle. It paying extra for features I can’t use.