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“Salticon”Thanks nomojo, my .30 is about done, then I’ll be getting a LV rifle, after that a open class rifle, be wonder if a .20 cal rifle would be good for open class and 50 yard shooting…I’m sure a .20 poly barrel is avail with the right resourcing. Homework homework!!!

Things that make you go hmm… Why wouldn’t the RAW 500 you have now be a perfect open class gun for you? I get your idea of a .20 or even a .22 for open class (heavier less wind drift, larger to get more X coverage, note the winner of the 2016 nationals open class). I worry about the pellet select choices in .20, i.e. being able to find that “magic combination” of manufacture quality/design, weight. The pellet choices in .22 seems to be a lot more healthy to choose from.

My plan is a Thomas .177 for 25m and 50y open class and 25m HV. Then a RAW 500x in .30 for 75y and 100m. Not sure about a LV gun, rather the Thomas will step down and still give me a good selection of pellets or not IDK. My Thomas should be in hand by the end of October and the testing and setup beings!