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“steeve”Yes, everything is illegal in California; even shooting an air rifle in my area, though I am out in the boonies on a 25 acre ranch, bordered on three sides by a empty government land, with no neighbors near by.  I had a field target club doing regular practice sessions here every weekend for awhile, until one of them noticed someone on the dirt road along my north property edge, taking pictures of them and their license plates…….since then, none of them have been back. Pisser.

That sounds like something you’d expect in a fascist dictatorship but not in America. Somebody needs to have a word with the local fuzz about prioritizing the capture of dangerous criminals over good people attending a sporting event or plinking on private land. 

The laws in my town are confusing. It states a bunch of things that aren’t allowed but then it specifically states that they don’t apply to private land so I think I’m ok to use air guns in my back yard. I just make sure I make an effort to choose quiet air rifles to be considerate to my neighbors so nobody has any cause for complaint. 

I  noticed two guys across the street shooting cans off a wall with a BB gun a few weeks ago. They got spooked when they saw me and tried to hide what they were doing. I thought “if you only knew what I shoot in my yard”…