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Yes, everything is illegal in California; even shooting an air rifle in my area, though I am out in the boonies on a 25 acre ranch, bordered on three sides by a empty government land, with no neighbors near by.  I had a field target club doing regular practice sessions here every weekend for awhile, until one of them noticed someone on the dirt road along my north property edge, taking pictures of them and their license plates…….since then, none of them have been back. Pisser.
​  The laser works good because you don’t have much time to acquire a sight picture usually….many times I don’t even get a stationery shot;  with the laser, I can lead them while they run and sometimes get a successful shot. My flash light is over 1200 lumens, those weak 200 lumen jobs don’t get it done.  You need to spot the rabbits out at 150 yards plus.  A red dot sight might be an option, but the laser can be shot quickly from any position. I will check out that one. These bunnies are so gun shy now, that I rarely get closer than 40 yards.  everybody out here has firearms. on weekends I hear shotguns and even full automatics going off within less than a mile away.  Lots of preppers around these parts.