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“steeve”I just noticed that Pollymag pellets are now available in .30 cal.  has anyone tried these yet?  Magazine problems or accuracy issues?
​Also, I use my guns mostly for night hunting with a high power flashlight and a cheap laser sight, which works ok for bunnies out to about 50 yards.  I have looked for a better laser with a decent windage/elev adjustment system, but they all seem to use plain set screws, which are very difficult to make fine adjustments with and the screws are a loose fit, so do not hold their setting for long.  Is there a good low-profile laser available with turret style adjustments, between the cheap 25$ units and the bulky 600$ military models? 

Is it legal to hunt with lasers at night where you live? It’s illegal here in NY (but then again, everything is illegal here…)

Why wouldn’t you just buy a night vision reticle instead? Surely that would be a better tool for hunting at 50 yards. It’s not easy to manage holdovers / holdunders with a laser and, at night, they aren’t exactly a subtle way of not warning the game that you are about to shoot them…