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“sharroff”I had a BWalton BT 65 in .25 and I would not put it into the quiet group (pellet hitting target is louder than gun shooting).

That’s a good point on the pellet impact. My Mutant is quiet at the muzzle but, if the pellet hits something hard, it is definitely audible. 

I like to shoot down so pellets that miss just hit the grass and that makes a huge difference. Yesterday I spotted 3 squirrels and a chipmunk. I was able to take all 4 off them with the Mutant. It was quiet enough that the others hardly notice and weren’t alarmed enough to run away. 

For me, my dead brothers carcass falling out of the bush would have been enough to make me run but not squirrels. They need a loud noise to know it’s time to get out of dodge. One shot with the Cricket 25 and the rest go nuts and warn every squirrel in a 200 yard radius. The Career 707 would make them evacuate the continent. 

The Marauder is fairly quiet in 22 but I don’t think it’s shroud is that effective in 25. It’s too small and is better with an LDC added. 

The other thing to note is pellet choice. Some cause more noise than others. Lighter pellets and pellets of certain shapes cause more noise. When I use cleaning pellets, it sounds like there is no shroud at all on my Cricket. It really hurts my ears a lot.