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I’m with Marksman3006 on the Daystate Airwolf MTC .22 at 37 fpe being very quiet.  I define quiet as the pellet hitting the target being louder than the gun itself.  There is nothing quiet about a RAW 30 or an Impact 30 at full power with their stock shrouds.  If someone is in a house next door with all the windows closed and a stereo / TV going, yes. there is a chance they will not hear the pop/crack of one of those two 30’s.  But if they are outside in the back yard next door there will be no question someone fired their Impact/Raw 30.  I’ve fired many shots from my MCT from in the house without the neighbors even noticing a gun was fired.  Yes you can hear the ‘thwack’ of the pellet hitting the crow / chipmunk / squirrel but that is out in the woods somewhere and doesn’t get that much attention as a gunshot sound.