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“mcdonama”Some great suggestions here.  Was hoping for a bit more hitting power–  perhaps 100 fpe +.  Just based on my reading, there may be some options that fit this description but not sure how quiet that may be.

@ Mr. x27– ha!  Yeah, a hit man huh?  That’ s funny.

Takes a lot of air to make 100 fpe, an airgun shooting 100 fpe will never be as quiet as your HW30. Not with a shrouded barrel and long LDC. As Zebra stated above there are 30 – 32 fpe airguns you can buy that are as quiet or quieter than your HW30. A few 45 – 50 fpe airguns that can be made to sound as loud as your HW30 but it will take, money, a good tuner and someone that makes/understands LDC’s.

Donny Du, Neil Clague, Anthony Storey, Mike at TKO, and Roy Kasten are known LDC makers. If you want high fpe and quiet they are the guys to talk with. Ernest Rowe would be the guy I would ask about tuning.