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I sent my .30 barrel back to AOA for a new one, but they sent it back stating it was “exceptional”…….not sure if they meant exceptionally good or exceptionally bad?  They told me to loosen the rail mounting screws and re-align it on the gun to fix the scope alignment problem I was having…..looking closely at the rail, it does look like it is not on quite straight.  I suppose there might be enough of a gap around the screw holes to allow a slight amount of re-alignment, but haven’t tried it yet.  Any way, it still does not group for me; about 2” at a hundred yards, but I suppose that is good enough to shoot bunnies at that range; maybe I should try the heavies.   My M-rod .25 shoots better so now I use that in the daytime.  I removed the scope from my Impact and replaced it with a laser and a flashlight.  It is fun shooting from the hip at night at the pesky Wabits that eat everything I plant around here.