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have read that Marauders can remain very quiet as additional power is dialed in.  Sounds worth checking out.  

Would like more than 80 fpe if possible.  Is the marauder available in larger calibers?  

Do you know of LDC availability?

many thanks,


Not a chance. There is no gun that is quiet at 80fpe. I have heard people claim that certain 80fpe guns are quiet but they are always wrong. When I hear what they called “quiet” I am left assuming that they have no ears. Best you could get is “quiet for 80fpe” which would still be loud. 

Once you get above 30-35fpe, nothing is particularly quiet in stock form. My 25 Cricket is fairly quiet for a 50fpe gun. I can get away with using it for pest control and a few shots in the backyard but an afternoons plinking would disturb the neighbors. 

If you want quiet then stick to a 30fpe 22 with a regular length barrel. 

The Mutant is the quietest pcp gun I have heard (or not heard).