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Great video.  Thanks!  That is essentially what I am doing as well.  I just chose to use FPE because of the way I sampled the shots.

What I did while sampling shots was alternate power wheel settings, 10 – 1, 8 – 1, …. , 2 – 1.  That way I got a data point every five shots for each power wheel setting.  That lets me make an accurate enough graph of each power curve.  In order to get an accurate graph I have to calculate the energy lost in the system between samples.  So between shots at any given power setting I had to calculate how many FPE was lost from teh system when firing on other power settings.  I then used that information and the power generated by the last shot measured to compute how many EQUIVALENT shots I had fired on the other settings.  Let me try that again…  If I shot the following fpe string 50 (@10 – 1), 45 (@8 – 1), 40 (@6 – 1), 35 (@4 – 1) and the last shot at 2 – 1 was 25 fpe then I shot (50+45+40+35)/25 = ROUND(6.8) = 7.  Then I shot seven EQUIVALENT shots at 25 fpe between my first sample at 2 – 1 and my second sample at 2 – 1 even though I only actually shot 4 physical shots between the two samples..  So I had a data point at #5 and #13 for power setting 2 – 1 (5 data point + 7 equivalent shots + 1 next data point).

This procedure, while not as accurate as shooting all shots at only one power wheel setting, saved me pumping my bottle up five times to get my data.  The real data points are marked on the graphs I provided above.  The lines between the data points are extrapolated or inferred data points.  It will be accurate enough to get me real close next trip to the bench.  The nice thing is that I have data for five different power wheel settings collected in one emptying of the bottle.

The contrast between the graphs also helps me to understand better what part of the system is doing exactly what at each point in each graph.  Anyway thanks for the video it is great.  Great shot string on that Talon also.  I may regulate this Condor next spring.