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There is alot of engineering that goes into scopes. I believe, opinion only, a precision scope is harder to make than an entire air rifle. A really good optic has to have precision ground lenses throughout. The erector system and turrets have extremely tight tolerances and go together like a swiss watch. The tell tale sign of more expensive scopes is tracking. Being able to dial in your range and repeatedly return to zero every time. Having the turrets dial exactly what the reticle is telling you. Having a mil reticle with mil turrets match up perfectly… shoot one shot….measure both horizontal and verticle in the reticle…..dial in the adjustment… shot dead center. When you look at the lenses, the erector system, matching reticle and precision turrets……all crammed into a small package its no wonder precision engineered scopes cost so much. Thats my opinion/2 cents. Not trying to offend here.