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Expect the Unexpected!

Thought I would share my experience for today in hopes it will help others at Extreme Bench.

I had a 3 day week end so I decided to come down to Phoenix and actually practice at Rio Salado ( oh and visit family) this weekend. I usually shoot in my back yard or out in the desert so this would be the 2nd time shooting at a range for me. I was very self-conscious of range etique not wanting to look stupid and was a little distracted on how things are run. I don’t like to wear ear protection so it was a distraction wearing ear plugs. I was going to set up for 75 yards but notice no way to stake targets at that range so I decided to shoot at 100 yards ( which I seldom do ). the wind was pretty strongand inconsistent  so I was holding to the right 2-6 mil dots ( I need flags).  My .22 Cricket went out to lunch after I sighted it in and was flying pellets everywhere so being frustrated, I put it away. My .22 Marader was OK at 25 yrd (need more practice) and seeing as though my Cricket was off, I decided to try the Maurader at 100 yrds which actually did well. While the “hot brass” ws flying over my shoulder from the guy to the left, the percussion from the guy to the right, and not being able to hear the rifle cycle, I manage to jam my barrel with pellets. I was obviously distracted. I did not bring anthing to remove the pellets  or had an extract O-ring (which I probably blew) …….so I left the range early. I planned I shooting most of the day.
I can’t say I was nervous about shooting but was distracted on all that was going on around me ( and this wasn’t even a competition).  I was surprised at how easy it was to allow things around me to break my concentration.  I am certain there will be more going on at Extreme Bench and I hope to be better prepared and better focused in two weeks…….. If I have a rifle to shoot.
Hope this helps others to be better prepared and more focused for the event.