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There are tons of quiet, powerful PCP airguns out there, especially if money is no object.

The Rapid Air Weapons (RAW) are all pretty quiet.

Marauders are very quiet too, and not even that expensive. The ‘ping’ is a result of having an air tube, instead of a bottle. There are things that can be done to quiet the ping, but the ping is not really perceptible to anyone but the shooter.

Kalibrgun Crickets are pretty legendarily quiet. Any PCP with a decent factory moderator is also going to be very quiet.

Marksman3006: 33 FPE .22 for body shots on raccoons at 50 yards is NOT pushing it. Any hit would be a complete pass-through. The thing is, can you even SEE a raccoon at 50 yards? When they’re out, it’s dark, and night vision fades as distance increases.

Many airgun hunters get too tied up in having “enough power.” They tell themselves that they “need” more power, when sometimes, it is just down to shot placement. They like to have more power, because those guns’ shots buck the wind better and killing his are less sensitive to proper shot placement. For example, I got that one squirrel at 38 yards with my 12 FPE .177 TX200. Almost a pass through, at that range. When through one arm, the chest, then the other arm, and he dropped like a stone. If I had hit the tough shoulder bone, 1/4″ further forward, it may have just broken his arm and knocked him down temporarily. (whereas a 50 FPE .25 would have killed him anyway) Does that mean an 18 FPE .177 isn’t enough? Or does it just mean we want more power, so that we can afford to be more sloppy with our shot placement? ;)