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Just finished Day Two at the Nationals -and the only word I can think of is HUMBLING ! For guys that complain about winds– I can now say – You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve shot at Oxnard! Many a guy looked shell shocked by the end of this day! Me included -in all my years of shooting, I don’t believe I’ve ever shot in such conditions? -Just impossible to read these winds- they would turn in the other direction in a nano second! I have another bite at the apple tomorrow but – it’s definitely like nothing I’ve ever shot in before – not one competitor there thought differently – This is a sample clip of the wind conditions – I’m not sure of the video quality – but you’ll get the jist of it! good part of this adventure was putting faces to so many people that I’ve typed to-It was a Hoot to meet Allen Surratt! He’s a Really nice guy! everybody at the event was  incredible! And our host was the Best! My hat goes off to Joe Friedrich! Now if he could just grow some trees to stop them crazy ass Santa Anna  winds!
It was great too see Gals like Linda Koch, Vipha Milller – really outshining the guys! 
But Allen  Surratt does seem to give off his own light?😬
Metting the Arizona team- Mark Bucanun – all super nice people with a devotion to Airguns –
‘also James Brinkly -shooting in springer class – so many great people – to numourous to list !