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I don’t know about highest fpe, but I can tell you about a few of my powerful ones that are very quiet ( urban backyard friendly)…..
Hatsan BT 65w/moderator-.25 cal,57 fpe over 18 shots with JSB 33.95
Gamo Coyote w/ aftermarket moderator- .22 cal, 31 fpe over 20 shots
Hatsan BullBoss factory shrouded- .22 cal, 32 fpe over 30 shots
Snowpeak/MRODAIR P12 w/moderator- .22 cal 36 fpe over 50 shots ( whisper quiet with depinger installed, and deadly accurate)
AirForce Talon P w/ aftermarket full shroud- .25 cal, 45 fpe. Over 30 shots ( tuned with aftermarket accessories)

Thats just a few that are pretty powerful, and pretty quiet….. All of the above listed are capable of MUCH higher fpe….