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Ill take photos of the window frame tomorrow when the sun is out and post them too. lol I used my dermal to make the one jagged hole a square cut out hoping that my sister (no wife yet) would think it was a manufacturing detail… so far she hasn’t noticed or said any think and its been almost 6 months. If she had believe me there would be a lot of four letter words.
In my random pest hunting video on youtube when I shoot the squirrel at 6ish in the morning after repeated threats to my life NOT to wake her up again. (Like that is going to stop me from blasting a squirrel.)
I had to edit out a lot of the sound.  
I didn’t put the full clip in the video because the squirrel starts spurting blood out of his head and i thought it was a bit to graphic for youtube but the full clip is edited for curse words.
My logical reason was “I am protecting your plants from the squirrels.”
Her crazy girl logic said “thats why I put Pepper on top of the soil around the plants to keep them out.”
My response to her was 
“So your solution is to season there food and my solution is to put a round through its head. I win.”

Well I was editing it I played it for her and said “you see how you are.” all I got was a threat not to shoot that early in the morning again.