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ok I believe I have narrowed it down to the small piece that is at the top left of the photo or the main stock in the lower left of the photo.

these two pares seat together and some where there is a problem 

when these 2 parts are seated together with the barred action installed.

the barrel block and the small piece are flush on the left side of the gun. and the small piece protrudes on the right side. It might be coincidence but the distance it protrudes is just about the distance that the barrel is off.

ALSO I have used the phrase “Barrel is off” this is not the case the barrel is dead straight with the receiver.

The barrel is never moved as the barrel band (which is shown in the picture directly under the fill port) wraps only around the air cylinder and attaches to the tactical forearm.
what is happening is the barrel band is pulling the Forearm piece to the right making it look like the barrel is off to the left. 

There is no adjustment to fix this that I can see or think of.

I will recall crosman tomorrow and explain to them what the problem is now that I fully understand what is happening where as before all I was was a barrel that was off.