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“ddransoml”And I was rooting for the Ataman! Lot to think about, bro, thanks. I’ll be on the lookout for your replacement review.

Me too to be honest. I really wanted the Ataman to be good (and still do). I really like the look and feel of the Ultra Compact. I’ll be a happy man if I get a working one. 

Atamans have the right raw materials (apart from the wood) but that isn’t enough. A LW barrel needs to be machined well to be accurate and a reg needs to be tuned properly to be consistent.

I think the action and the overall design is good enough to be worth some effort on our part. There really are no other non-bullpups that are as light, compact and cool-looking. 

I just hope Ataman don’t ruin a good thing. More competition is good for us customers. They just need to realize that their competitors are selling bullpups with forward cocking levers, higher shot count, lower noise and less weight for the same or less money. It doesn’t take too many issues for people to dismiss a new brand when there are less risky options available.