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“AlliInLL”Thank you, Jonnes. Yes, I’m eagerly awaiting this first PCP! Haven’t had time to check into where I can get a tank filled so I’ll use the Hill pump I also ordered. Next thing, finding some good dove recipes! My current rifle is a Gamo Whisper. Bagged quite a few blue jays and a couple of doves but some got away wounded. Moving up to .22 and I want something with more accuracy than the springer.

If you are just using it for a little pest control in the backyard then don’t worry about buying a large side wheel. It is a good idea to buy a scope with an adjustable objective though. Many rifle scopes have fixed objective lenses set at 100 yards which is no good for air rifles. 

For what you want to do, you want a scope that focuses from 10 yards to infinity. Lots of scopes have this at all price ranges; just make sure you confirm yours has it before you buy. 

Using a scope is more complicated than it looks so it’s worth reading up on the basics. At a high-level, the problem is that guns (all guns) don’t shoot in a straight line. The barrels are angled up because the pellet starts to drop as soon as it leaves the barrel. If you zero your scope for 30 yards, the pellet will hit bellow the center of the cross-hairs if you shoot at 20 yards and above it if you shoot something at 40 yards. 

Most of us prefer mil dot scopes because they make it easy for us to memorize where the pellet will hit (the POI or point of impact) at various distances. It might be one dot down at 20 yards and one dot up at 40 yards etc. There is no scope where you just point and shoot and expect to hit the target at any distance. 

All the calculations with scopes give me a headache. To make it worse, every time you change the magnification, all the mil dot calculations (hold over or hold unders) change unless you buy an first focal plane scope. 

Some light reading for you…