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With the armadas barrel band off it is centered
So I believe it is just being pulled off center.

I have a glass dining room table for a roll test
what should i do?
remove the shroud and roll test it or remove both the shroud and barrel?
If I take the barrel off do I need to remove the air stripper/ shroud spacer at the end or just have that part go over the edge of the table?

I will check the baffles. My first shot was an eventful shot so if it hit the baffles I probably would not have noticed.
See this post to see what I mean:

My question is: if the shroud is being pulled over is the barrel also being pulled over?

when I shot the gun it was dead on accurate

But if the barrel and shroud are being pulled to the left and the scope is centered on the rails the scope will look straight well the pellet is flying off to the left, it would only be accurate on the horizontal plain at one point.

Even if the barrel is straight which I believe it to be, I still have the problem unless the only thing being pulled is the shroud..

How much play is between the shroud and the barrel?