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“AirgunBill”Have you tried say shooting at your maximum needed range at an single aim point with a full string and then see how much the pellet drops from start to finish. That would give you a good indication how well you can maintain your needed accuracy level. Bill


The graphs above are much longer than any practical shot string.  In those I am just locating potential curves, getting to know the power wheel as it were. 

The most promising potential power curves I’ve identified (for Kodiaks) are:

10 – 1 50+ fpe from shots 1 thru 18  (18 shots)  starting fill 2900
6 – 1   45 fpe from shots 8 thru 33 (25 shots) starting fill about 2700
4 – 1   40 fpe from shots 15 thru 45 (30 shots) starting fill about 2600

From the look of it, I am going to get about 25 good shots.  Essentially these graphs show that I can get different power levels but the number of good shots in my bell curve wont change much.  I’m probably going to have a go at setting it up for the rest of the season sometime this week.  At that point I should know what my base fill pressure will be and how many good shots I will get before I require recharge.

I am setting the rifle up to hunt small game out to sixty yards.  That is the practical limit of my shooting ability when shooting from a rest at such small targets.  I don’t care for the loud report the rifle has above about 48 FPE so I’m thinking that I will be keeping Kodiaks under 835 fps and JSB 25.4 grainers below 920 fps.  That means a power wheel setting somewhere near 6 – 1 with a base fill to about 2700 giving maybe 20 – 25 good shots around 46 fpe +/- a couple fpe.  I’m guessing refill will start around 2200 psi and take about 150 pumps… =(  Plenty for a day’s hunting.

Maybe next week I can shoot a couple of groups to confirm those settings.