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“Pope_on_Dope”In my opinion, the new Optisan EVX scopes are great for their price. I have one and I am absolutely satisfied with it. Yeah, sure – it ain´t a Schmidt&Bender and is still far from Leupold, Zeiss and Swarovksi but… it is a really decent scope that will hold its zero, the turrets work and the crosshairs will reliably adjust as well as the parallax does. 

I certainly can tell the difference between a 200 and a 400 dollar scope but from 400 upwards the law of diminishing returns grabs more and more. I honestly couldn´t  tell the difference of a 1.500 and a 3.000 dollar scope just by looking through it. Maybe some people have better eyes or they see things I don´t see but with regard to the fact that an airgun shooter will mostly keep within 150 yards I don´t see much use in buying more than a Optisan or possibly Hawke (I agree that the Hawkes are somewhat overpriced, though). 

Having looked through a 5000 dollar Schmidt and Bender and some 1500 – 3000 Leupold, Zeiss and Swarovskis, I know that they are amazing and I´d love to own one of those. But certainly not for this kind of money. Its just my opinion and in no way any advice.

I think that the parallax is one of the most important features besides a decent lens as parallax error can shift your POI really significantly. 

Its a shame that FFP scopes are so expensive as this a superb feature to have…

The issue with trying to identify the difference between a $200 and a $400 scope is that there may be none. Scopes don’t get better just because the price increases. 

For the scopes I have seen (which is limited like with most people), I can usually tell the difference between good and average glass. You can’t see it in every view though. I find it easier to see against backgrounds with fine detail – just like with hd and sd TV screens. You can tell things are HD when there are blades of grass or strands of hair on the image. It’s harder to tell with an all white screen. The more detail you can see, the more you can fine tune your aim. 

Fundimentally, that is the difference between expensive glass and lower quality stuff – clarity and light transmission. It has nothing to do with features like high magnification or illuminated reticles. Those things are found on low quality scopes too. 

The question I find harder to answer is how much benefit do you get from a $1,000 scope when shooting target at 30 or 50 yards with an air rifle. With precision shooting at 800 yards, it’s easier to explain. What can someone with a $1,000 scope see that I can’t at 30 yards if I can clearly see the target?

I was comparing a $120 3-9×42 to a $350 3-9×32, a $200 6-24×50 and a new $230 4-14×44 today. I could see better with the 3-9×32 at 4x than I could with the 6-24×50 at any power setting. The 4-14×44 also wiped the floor with the 6-24, even though their price was similar.