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Oldspook I just did a fill and shot string test on an old TalonSS in .22 cal. to find the ‘Bell Curve’. I was wondering what velocity spread you got from your best shot string. From what I read for long range shooting say over 50 yards you should keep your velocity spread to about 1% to 2%. and at closer distances you can get away with a 3% to 4% difference. The point being you will get less difference in shot drop the lower the spread in velocity. Of course the accuracy level needed is dictated by the size of your target/game and distance your rifle can take down game. With my TalonSS if I fill to 2700 psi and shoot down to 2200psi I get about 40 shots with a difference in velocity of about 3% and if I go for a difference of 1 1/2% velocity I get about 25 shots. Have you tried say shooting at your maximum needed range at an single aim point with a full string and then see how much the pellet drops from start to finish. That would give you a good indication how well you can maintain your needed accuracy level. Bill