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unfortunately at this time i have discovered that my barrel when locked in using there barrel band is pulled to the left at the end point of the gun.. I also have a video of me unboxing the gun and i went back watched it and realized it is a factory issue  it came that way.

I contacted crossed and it quickly appeared i was talking to some one who has never handled the gun before.. she told me to adjust the barrel band but as you know it is locked in at 3 points on the tactical looking front. the tactical front is locked in with 4 bolts and is precisely slotted in at its base..he told me don’t worry the what you are looking at is not the barrel its the barrel shroud and even it its angled the free floating barrel could be straight…

the barrel is tightly housed in the shroud so if the shroud moves the barrel moves— am i correct?

he then said to take the shroud off and put it back on – no fix here

he told me that the tactical forehand part is adjustable with the 4 bolts in back.. tensioning one side and loosening the other to get it to move around .
I thought of this and tinkered around with it for a good while before i even called them it didn’t work at all.
he could not tell me the process of adjusting it

his last advise was to shoot it a bunch and it might straighten back out— it did not

now i went from having a new gun with a cooked barrel to a used gun with a crooked barrel.

crosman said i can mail the gun in for warranty work but since i installed a designer i might have voided the warranty

I told Crosman i have videos,
the first showing me unboxing the gun and you can see the barrel is angled to the left.
the second showing me installing the depinger which probably also shows the bent barrel..
both of which have the date and time recorded in there meta data which is tamper prof

my argument stating i had solid proof it came from the factory that way had little effect on them.It is my belief that the barrel band or the tactical stock is the cause of the issue I think the barrel is just fine but when the barrel band which only touches the air reservoir is put on it pulled the tactical front piece to the side…

this wouldn’t really be an issue but i bought the gun just for this extended picatinny rail. i can mount a scope on it and a camera and still have the appraise eye relief to shoulder the gun normally.