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I’m waiting for a replacement Ataman ultra compact to arrive so if you can wait a few days, I’ll report on how the new one compares to the first one they sent. It will be a good indication of the general quality control. You can get a bad one with any air gun but if the replacement is also bad then I consider it to be a bad sign. 

If you are looking for the least risk, I think the Galahad might be the way to go. It’s an S510 in a bullpup stock after all. That means it’s not terribly exciting in terms of air rifle innovation but it is a safe option. The S510 is a proven platform. It has lots of loyal fans. A version updated with a regulator could be great. It’s not lightweight though.

My  bet would be (without having seen one) that you would not be disappointed with the wood on a Galahad. The wood on all of the Air Arms rifles I have seen has been of a reasonable quality and some were quite good.

The Ultra Compact is very light and easy to shoulder. It feels great (if you don’t add a heavy scope). It’s a little loud and the shot count out of the box is low. I would plan on sending it to a tuner and ordering an additional LDC if you choose the Ataman. Ernest was able to tune one to fix those issues fairly well. It has potential.

The wood on the Ataman I had was not good. I don’t just mean that the machining was bad. The quality of the wood was low. It was very soft and easy to break, not rigid and the finish was rough. I should find out shortly if they are all like that but, I would suggest waiting for the synthetic stock version to be back in stock. I think the design of the stock is too thin for wood at the sides. 

If your goal is to buy a lightweight and compact air gun, I would recommend adding a Taipan Mutant Shorty to the short-list. It’s shorter than either the Ataman or the Air Arms, quieter, higher shot count, less expensive and it’s likely to be more consistent. Mags are cheaper too. 

Both the Shorty and the Ataman Ultra Compact have extremely smooth actions. The Ataman action is slightly nicer than the Mutants but it’s close.

That’s view right now. It could change when I see the replacement Ataman though.