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“JDShapp”I believe the P-rod barrel was $150.

That’s pretty good value considering there are places who charge $150 just to machine a barrel blank and it costs over $200 for a Smooth Twist blank. By the the time you bought the blank, got it machined and paid for shipping, it’s no longer worth it for entry level guns in most cases.

These guys have done of nice job of sourcing decent barrels at a price that makes it viable for marauder owners to upgrade their guns. They are currently the only game in town for upgrading $500 air rifles.  For everywhere else, you end up concluding that you should just buy a better gun to start with.

I asked if they could machine one for an AT44 but they said they were too busy (no doubt filling orders for their excellent and well priced Marauder barrels). 

I used to wonder why so many air gun enthusiasts bought lathes and mills but it doesn’t take long to realize that it’s usually the only way to get aftermarket accessories in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. Pretty much every machine shop I have ever tried to be a customer at has had a back-log of work that stretched well beyond my patience, or, charged prices high enough to explain their lack of work. 

The lack of options has even got me thinking about buying a lathe…