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You were not kidding Joe when you said the gun is tight! The cocking lever is tight but works fine if you remember to kind of snap it closed and push it in when you start to push the release button. Wow Joe was wrapping and wrapping this rifle up! Bubble wrap and peanuts and two boxes(for you old guys think back to the first time you ran into a girdle and panty hose). So I was almost too tired to shoot it. But did take two dozen shots and just to mess with Joe look at the scope I put on it(Its my 200-300yard scope off of one of my bolt action 223s). And Joe the funny thing is since I used two hands to load the pellets it was easier that using one hand on my tx200. But I’ll post later with the scope that I’ll use on it full  time.
Its a stock I would love to redo but I’ll leave it alone, but most of the grain is hidden by the stain.
:edit: the rifle is a 1979 Joe.

Here you go Joe I was using fingers on both sides to load pellets and it was easier than I expected?

Like I said I have shot it 2 dozen times and it was at 55′ and the chrony read 600fps plus or minus 4. Hold over without mildots didn’t help when I was playing with the numbers on the target. So give me a day or two to get it used to me and I’ll post some targets in the springer target thread. That hole at the center had 10 pellet go thru it.