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“JDShapp”Today both my Marmot Militia barrels arrived. I had to wait until after work to do the swap, but once I did and saw the first groups from both at 25yds I have to say it was well worth it. Both the P-rod and M-rod went from being pellet picky and okay accuracy to shooting all my Air Arms and JSB pellets with so little variation its going to be hard for me to pick one to go with from now on. The ones I’ve tried so far are Air Arms 13.4, and 16gr. The JSBs are 15.89 and 18.1gr.

Looks like the only way I’m going to know for sure is to see just how well they all group at 40 and 60yds.

Great choice and welcome to the Marmot Militia side of the force. Sorry, Star Wars fan here. Anyway,  these are the barrels you are looking for.  Gosh darn it! Okay okay I’ll get a hold of my trigger…
Anyone aware you have these barrels installed  in your Benjamins will know that the force is strong with this shooter!!