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Tominco, this was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot my friend! Still don’t know what the limitation will be for a bench rest device. They say in the rules “single piece”. Does that allow for something like a Caldwell Lead Sled or does it mean the rear of the rifle has to be shouldered?

I did get the Boss for the EBM. That rifle kinda reminds me of the first time I rode a Ducatti 999. There was definitely more bike there than rider. Same with the Boss. Whew! It is something to behold! I will be bringing my Impact and Wolverine as well. Looking forward to meeting you. We should have done that already as close as we live to each other. 

That brings something else to mind. I remember you asking me if there was a good indoor range down here. Well, I guess after this week I can finally answer that. NO… I tried Blue Core and they said they didn’t allow air rifles. Then I drove across town to a new range called 5280 Armory and they denied me as well! What the hell!? I asked the guy to explain and he gave me some lame excuse about their vacuum cleaners having trouble with the little pellets. Then I told him I was shooting .30 cal and he said it didn’t matter the pellets weren’t plated. Then I asked if he allowed .22 rimfire and he said yes. I told him much of that ammo isn’t plated. He said that was an exception because .22 ammo was hard to get. He asked me if that made sense and I told him NO! I felt like I was being BSed and discriminated against because of my air guns. What the hell is up with that? Finally I called Bristlecone over in Lakewood and they said come on in. Trouble is, all they have is 25 yd. ranges. They said they couldn’t begin to offer an explanation for the first two ranges refusal to allow airguns. I’m just this side of being angry about it. I would like to have some kind of understanding as to why airguns wouldn’t be welcome at any shooting range.