Reply To: AoA Extreme Benchrest



1 – Check the rules page on the EBR page. You could also call AoA to ask about something like that. 
2 – Maybe you could tip someone but, the air is FREE. :) 
3 – Yes, there are sight in times scheduled throughout the event and you can also shoot the heck out of your sighters during competition. Always make sure you’re shooting your own target and not someone else’s. Here’s my thread about EBR, I typed the schedule here and it’s also on the EBR page. And, bring enough ammo! AoA is closed during the event so, you’re on your own if you run out.
4 – It depends on what your gun likes better and what your more comfortable shooting with. The winds can be crazy down there so, be prepared to deal with that.

Lots of helpful tips in my thread from myself and others who have been there.