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“Pope_on_Dope”Hell yeah, FFP and with that range of focus… absolutely great choice, I´d say. And 42 mm should be more than sufficient for good light gathering.

You chose the Mrad version for easier ranging and adjustments, I suppose? 

I really love the FML-1 reticle. It´s very similar to the MH10 which I have in my Optisan EVX.  

I think the only bad thing on your scope is the price 🙂 2000+ OMG. 

Definitely milradian version

Excellent choice, both my best scopes are mil/mil, I never want to go back :) (It helps that I’m used to CM, and not inches :) )
The SIII has got the mil hash reticle, my Bender the H2CMR.
Regarding the March, get the 52 indeed. The E.P. of the 42 is getting quite small on high mag.
Very light too. One thing I don’t like about the PMII is that it weighs as much as an airgun….. And we don’t have to jump out of planes with our airguns anyway ;)