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Hey – I´ve been using them in .22 and .177 but the caliber doesn´t really matter with regard to your question. The answer is: some rifles like them and some don´t. In my experience, a good speed is about 900 fps and lower but certainly not faster than 950 fps. 

If the pellets are really accurate in your rifle, they can be shot out to 100 yards, no problem. Bear in mind that they lose energy more rapidly because of their low BC but even at 100 yards, they come in with sufficient energy to smoke a rabbit, squirrel or pigeon (when shot at 800 fps and more) so the question is rather: are you able to consistently hit a 1″ kill zone at 100 yards? 

So… all pellets can be shot to the distance they will still hit accurately. Mainly if you intend to use them on live game. If you´re just plinking, a miss or bad hit doesn´t really matter.

So: how far you can shoot them will have to be tried out in your particular rifle with its particular barrel and the particular shooter behind the setup.