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Great job! As for the title “aim small miss small” I fully agree. I like to have my magnification as low as possible as it makes me nervous having the crosshairs wandering all over the place. Up to 50 yards, I mostly shoot at 3-6x and up to 100 yards, I like having my scope at no more than 10x (mostly 10x because of the “true mildot” setting although I still confirm my range with a Nikon Aculon range finder). The crosshairs of the MH10 reticle on my Optisan EVX 3-12×44 are very thin so even with low magnification, very precise aiming is not an issue. On my Raven 6-24×50, the mildot reticle has thicker crosshairs but I still prefer low magnification for a bigger sight picture. 

It would be an interesting thread for itself to hear what magnification setting people prefer for which distances. For a rock steady Benchrest – sure, go 24x and higher. That´s the best way to really aim dead center each and every time but for hunting… not really. Not for me, at least.