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“Erik”The 8-80 is FFP? Holy crap. Anyways someone who looked through it Said to Me that at 80x it was still better than anything else he ever owned lol.

Yep. They are insanely good. And ridiculously expensive too.

Small correction, the 8-80 is SFP :)  The 5-40 March is FFP. 
If you like high magnification and FFP, you might also consider the PMII 12-50×56. 10 metres parallax, and available in SFP and FFP.
As for 11mm dovetail scope mounts, the choice is very limited. I milled an adapter for my piccatinny ERA TAC 1 piece 34mm mount, which clamps on any 11mm dovetail

Thanks. This is true. I was researching last night trying to find out if the 8-80 march was ffp or sfp. The specs I was finding didnt say one way or the other. I was left assuming it was sfp due to pics of 80X zoomed in crosshairs. They were too fine for me to believe it was a ffp scope. The 8×80 march is off my list at this point. The 5-40 march is a contender for sure.