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Working on the accuracy when I take gun apart to mod the valve opening and remove the valve spring to add another 50-70 fps !


Let me know how the mods work I have been debating on doing the same

I will, been working on the office and have not had a chance to work on gun … I will do my best to work on it next week at the office. I want a couple of guys around that are handy if I make a mistake.

Guys say it is easy peezy …. but they have never seen my work  ;-  ) I really don’t want to drill into someplace that ruins the gun, like I did on a Discovery valve a while back. That was just the valve … on this  gun, it ruins the frame ! I’m not afraid of opening up the barrel, it is the frame/valve port hole that has me worried.

I will tell you, If I can do it, then 99% of folks can do it ….. I’m pretty good at designing things, and I’m pretty bad at machining stuff. If the only thing I can do is remove the valve spring and feel the rest is out of my league, believe me, I will tell you. I’m very much hoping the assembly comes out easily without screws and pins falling out and what looks like a complicated trigger attachment system.

I’m also hoping it fits in my drill press vice OK ,,,, I will see !