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I think what has helped the air guns is the price of rim fire and center fire ammo. The lack of shooting space, 45 years ago I could go just about anywhere and shoot rim fire guns, All the big pits were open and you could sight in your deer rifles, Ranchers wanted you to come take out the jackrabbits and the P Dogs,
Now here in West Texas every thing is closed off even the big pits,
I can remember walking around with a red rider bb gun or even a pellet gun at 10 years old inside the city limits, It was just a common site and we never got into any trouble that I remember,   The alleys were great hunting spots,
Even in my back yard it takes time to set my table up, set my shooting pads up , set the targets up, fill the guns up , Set the fans up even in Sept its still in the 90s and 100s here and just very hot to get out doors and shoot, About 7:30 pm to 830PM is my shooting times before it gets to dark,
So the Question is how did we get here? I am not sure, But  we all have some very good story’s to tell, 
 I think we young people 60-70-80 had a very different life we walk around our blocks guns in hand even rimfires and shot guns and no one even blinked an eye ,
we respected others and we got by with a lot of crap, Just because no harm done,