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“Cliff_Allen”You can move the moderator forward on the Royale line to accommodate removing the bottle on the 500. I did and it took less than 5 minutes. Heat the threads at the base of the moderator with a propane torch. Doesn’t need much, just enough to loosen the blue lock tite and it doesn’t harm the finish or the gun in any way. Once it’s loose, you can unscrew the moderator housing and slide it off. Once it’s off, you only need to loosen the base of the moderator that is secured to the barrel with an allen key and slide it forward about 3/4 of an inch and re-tighten the grub screw. You can then replace the moderator housing back over the barrel and screw it back onto the base. Another benefit is when you want to clean the barrel, the moderator can always be removed after that for easier access.

The Royales don’t come with the carbon fiber bottle because they are 400cc and would lessen the shot count. The aluminum bottle on the Royale 500 is 500cc’s, hence the difference in their names.

Royale 400 = 400cc bottle
Royale 500 = 500cc bottle.

There are 480cc carbon fiber bottles sold for RAW / Rapid guns. We need someone to start making adapters for all these things.