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At PA, you only have to buy 4 tins to get the 4th free (I.e. You only pay for 3 of the 4). 

On the question on pellet sizes, no two are the same which is why some people that compete in BR and FT spend time weighing and sorting all of their pellets. 

They don’t usually claim that some shoot well and some don’t (once damaged ones have been removed). It’s more that pellets of different weights have a different poi. By grouping all of the pellets by weight and only loading a mag with pellets of similar weight, they get better groups. They will literally spend hours sorting pellets into different baggies to match their weight.

They also like to clean and lube pellets too. Pellets aren’t usually one of the things in life that I like to use lube for but I keep meaning to try it to see if it makes me into a world-class marksman.