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OH MY GOD, talk about laser.  Seems to shot good with any pellets.  I was really surprised by how accurate the CPHP are in this gun….was more accurate then the JSB sample pack at 25yds.  If this stays consistent then I’ll be delighted, half the cost and plenty available at wally world.  Out of the box puts out 25fpe which is what is advertise…don’t think I’ll mess with it much.  I’m definitely the weak link in this.

Got a Athlon Talos FFP 4-14×44 on it, makes the whole thing weight about 8lbs.

Ergonomics feels great…but still need to get the feel of cheek weld.  That is the weakest link in ergos, not smooth and cold.  This is my first bullpup so wasn’t sure if I’d like it.  Reason why I got it beside being a great gun for the price was the compactness of it for hunting.  Shoulders really nicely and feels much better then a conventional rifle.  Much less feeling of weight while standing free handed.  As a bench gun it isn’t as stable as a rifle.

Not sure how large the air tube is but it seems to pump up really quickly and also felt really easy to pump up pass 200 to 250bars, on my marauder rifles just getting up to 200bars fells like so much more work.  The pressure gauge is just slightly off from my Hill pump.

The least smooth thing is the safety, it’s kinda notchy, everything else is smooth as butter.  The trigger mechanism is gorgeous.  Trigger pull is a little lite for a hunting gun, I prefer 1lb pull.

Don’t know what kinda wood the stock is but it is a little soft, got a couple tiny dings already.

Sound is pretty quiet but not as quiet as my SynRod with Huma reg, Marmot Militia barrel, Hill valve kit.  The Synrod is about 26fpe.  Also I feel a little recoil from the Mutant.  Don’t feel the hammer strike at all just hear it only.

What a fantastic little gun!  The way it is I don’t see my self getting anything else in the future, selling off my two synrods.