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Hi It would depend on the format of your favourite target.  

ISSF & NRA are the most common formats and that’s what this is based on because it also takes into account the target dimensions, to calculate average CTC (mm or inches).

But if your favourite target is one you have designed personally and follows the layout of concentric bands, then this would still be able to record your accuracy % and you can maintain a record of this by a specific gun.

Also, if you are shooting with a handgun, you can still use the Pistol correction overlay chart, to help diagnose shooting technique (Left or Right handed).

If it was a circular ringed target in public domain and had standard dimensions, then you could also:
A. Find the target with the closest ISSF/NRA dimensions and use that. (OR email me the target dimensions and I will look it up for you).
B. Pass me the details and I will check whether to include it in my next release.

This is NOT a “Sales Pitch”, just love shooting guns (that’s why I wrote the app in the 1st place) and trying to be helpful.